Blizzard Launches a Diablo II Alpha Test

  • Jackson Evans
  • 5/6/2021

Blizzard held a Diablo II alpha test last month. On April 9 Blizzard allowed a bunch of players to sign up for sampling the game demo.

Diablo II: Resurrected had a run of alpha testing last April. The invitations were sent out to a number of lucky gamers hand-selected by the studio. To be among applicants, you needed to file a request via this website.

Three character classes were available: Amazon, Barbarian and Sorceress. But overall, the game has 7 classes: add Druid, Necromancer, Paladin and Assassin to these three.

The gameplay majorly stays the same as its “ancestor” form the early 2000s. But the game’s visuals will get a fat portion of upscale, as well smoother animations and quick loading screens that take just a few seconds.

The gameplay mechanics got improved too. For instance, your characters will have a shared loot arsenal. At the same time, you can pick up gold automatically now.

The multiplayer mode will accommodate 8 players. You’ll be able to use game-saves that are 20-years old and also switch from the new graphics to the old-school art style if you’re more of a traditionalist.

The exact premiere date is unknown, it’s just set somewhere in 2021. But it’d be cool if Diablo II: Resurrected saw the light on June 29th — the game’s original release date back in 2000.