Resident Evil Re:Verse Release Is Postponed

  • Noah Lopez
  • 4/28/2021

The game won’t see the light this spring. Instead, it’s scheduled for release in summer.

Originally, the game was set to be released on May 7 — the same day when Resident Evil: Village hits virtual/physical shelves.

Resident Evil Re:Verse isn’t really a full-blown game. It’s more of a PvP multiplayer regime, in which you can play as Jill Valentine, Chris Refiled, HUNK and other characters from the Resident Evil catalogue.

Upon dying, you can be revived as a bioweapon. It includes Jack Baker, Hunter Gamma and even Tyrant T-103 Model. But to unlock the nastiest bioweapons, you need to collect virus samples before getting killed.

The game revealed some imperfections upon testing. The most notorious one was the poor matchmaking. As the studio reported earlier last April:

“As we are still seeing issues with RE:Verse OBT matchmaking service, we have decided that until further notice to temporarily suspend the OBT to resolve the problem. We will continue to investigate, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.“

At least, Resident Evil Re:Verse is free if you buy RE: Village. The game is exclusively online like Fortnite. And if you have a PS4/PS5, you will also need a PlayStation Plus membership. Learn more bout platforms and compatibility here.