The World Ends With You: A Sequel Is Coming

  • Ethan Perez
  • 5/9/2021

The famous 2007 RPG will get a reincarnation. The squeal dubbed Neo: The World Ends With You will be released for PS and Nintendo Switch this summer. And PC version is also hinted and will be vended via Epic Games store.

Neo: The World Ends With You will take us to the animeish copy of the Japan’s capital city. Namely, the district of Shibuya — the glamorous patch of Tokyo’s soil famous for its blinding neon signs and tall skyscrapers.

But it’s also famous for the Reaper’s Game. A frightening one-week event, in which deceased Players have to compete to get a second chance and return to the world of the living.

Rindo, the leader of Wicked Twisters, gets trapped in this game. He’s in a competition against the Reapers in the Underground — world of the dead, in other words. And the prize in this competition is his own life.

But Rindo isn’t alone. His gang — Fred, Nagi and a mystical ex-Reaper Sho Minamimoto who was one of the villains in the original game, will aid Rindo in the macabre adventure.

The game will premier on July 27th. You can preorder the game on Square Enix website. The PC version is expected to premiere shortly afterwards. And here’s the game’s trailer — very ensnaring.