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Write a review of the Dauntless game. The review must describe Dauntless video game from different angles described in its own paragraphs: graphics, gameplay, controls, replayability. The review of Dauntless game must be structured in six paragraphs with title in the beginning: Introduction, Graphics, Gameplay, Controls, Replayability, Conclusion. Each paragraph must be from 250 to 300 words long.

Dauntless is an online battle game that is free to play, developed by Phoenix Labs and published by Phoenix Labs. It is a third person co-op fighting game with giant monsters called Behemoths.

In the world of Dauntless, Behemoths are the true threat to humanity. These creatures will threaten the town of Ramsgate and will also have to be hunted down and killed in order to repel the threat.


The game utilizes Unreal Engine 4. This is apparent in its high quality graphics which are evident from the very first few seconds of gameplay. The environment of the game is highly detailed, and the monsters are well designed and very realistic. The character movements are fluid and the graphical effects are great.

The graphics in Dauntless is one of its more attractive features. The game has a developing world that the player can explore. The game also has many different types of wildlife in the game. The game also has a lot of color making the game very vibrant.


Gameplay in Dauntless is fast paced and exciting. The player can choose a weapon from a wide range of weapons with different effects. The player can also choose a Behemoth to fight with. The player must search for materials to craft weapons and gear. The player also has to find other players for a group to take on the Behemoth. The Behemoths are a challenge but they also make for a fun experience as they are interesting and different from each other.

The game will have players fighting various types of Behemoths using various combos and weapons. The player will also have to find different materials to upgrade their armor and weapons. The game will also have players exploring the world to find new camps to rebuild.


Dauntless is a third person game which is played with the keyboard and mouse. The controls are easy to learn and the game is easy to navigate.

The game will have players using a controller or keyboard. Players can also choose to use a mouse to control their character.


There are different types of Behemoths to fight with, and there are different types of weapons to use to fight them. The player can also choose to fight with other players and this means that the game never becomes too repetitive.

The game has many different types of missions that will require players to hunt and kill various Behemoths. The game also has a leveling system that will allow players to level up their characters. Players can also collect materials to upgrade their weapons and armor.


  • The Dauntless game is an online simulation game
  • It is free to download and play
  • There are eight playable characters
  • There are two types of game modes: online and single-player
  • It is a game with a lot of strategy
  • It is a game that can be played with a group of friends


  • There are a lot of violent images and scenes in the game
  • It can be hard to control

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