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Gang Beasts is an exciting and funny multiplayer party game that includes silly fight sequences, colorful cartoon balloon-like characters, all based in the weirdest environments. Knock your opponent out of the arena in this game similar to Royal Rumble and move on to the next level.

Graphics: 4

The graphics and visual effects of Gang Beasts are unlike any other realistic game. With minimal effects and simplified animations, the entire game resembles a cartoon. Although the game play is rather complex, the level of enjoyment and fun, especially when competing with friends and family, enhances the joy of playing the game. The characters come in different vibrant colors and are can also be dressed in special costumes adding to the visualization of the game. The movement of these characters is rather sluggish and dull but when combined with the silly background music, makes it a fun experience overall.

Gameplay: 5

Gang Beasts is a silly action game that involves more than 2 players battling it out in a series of fights. The objective of the game is to knock out all players from the play arena by tossing them in various ways that include a number of funny actions. Loaded with different characters, it also comes with different gaming modes including 8 maps. These areas consist of imaginative pitfalls and weird devices that add to the fun. The goal is to be the last man standing after throwing all other opponents out of the area or by punching them and lowering their health level down to the minimal. However all this is not as easy as you may think. Controlling your character, knocking accurate punches and staying in one place is hard yet extremely funny as most of the time, opponents miss their targets and kill themselves. The specially designed combat system is another factor that adds to the overall game play. All those playing the game would experience nothing but fun and unlimited hours of laughter.

Controls: 4.5

The controls of the game are very straightforward and simple and require a keyboard and mouse. Each character is able to grab other opponents with both arms, lift them up and toss them out of the arena. The stamina bar represents the amount of health left and if run out, they are no longer in the game. Maneuvering the character can be done with the help of the mouse while the keyboard keys are utilized for various actions. This however might not be easy and would require some getting used to.

Replay Value: 4.5

The intense fight for survival in the silliest ways makes players want to come back for more. Gang Beasts, although not very popular is definitely a must play game, especially because of its versatility and uniqueness. Unlike any other action game including fighting amongst other opponents, this game comes with special effects, cartoon animations, drunken-like characters in costumes and funny game play that make it an even better gaming experience. Those who play this game would definitely find themselves coming back for more entertaining game play and enjoyment.


Considered as a part of Nerd gaming, Gang Beasts features all the necessary factors that make it one among the best of its kind. Packed with entertaining and amusing game play, fight with different people online and experience hours of laughter and excitement with humorous characters and their silly actions, alongside funny music in the background and brutal environments that take the game to a completely new level.  You must play it to experience the energy.


  • Great multiplayer party game
  • Entertaining combat
  • Colorful fun characters


  • Brutal fight scenes
  • Not suitable for kids

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