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Developed and released in August 2013 by Robert Topala, Geometry Dash is a fast paced, high level rhythm based game that requires excellent timing skills. Speed through the game and overcome thrilling obstacles and dangers with simply jumping, flipping and flying through the air.

Graphics: 4.5

Uniquely designed, Geometry Dash is one among the top level games that comes with stunning graphics. Featuring vibrant, colorful animations and pixel styled futuristic characters; the visuals of this game enhance the overall game play and outlook. Each frame contains an array of vivid colors, effects and animations that sometimes might confuse the player but makes it even more exciting. The different tracks and levels in the game have a unique design and color, while the background consists of simple squares and rectangles.

Gameplay: 5

Packed with thrill and fun, Geometry Dash is an addictive game that would keep you busy for hours. The objective of the game is to get your character to speed across each level to the end, overcoming all obstacles and dangers. Being a runner game, the speed is constant and gets faster as you advance through the levels. At first it might seem pretty easy, but getting to the end of each level would need some good timing skills. Jumping over obstacles and platforms in time without getting knocked over is definitely a challenge. By simple tapping on the screen you can jump and fly over spikes and avoid any obstructions to get to the end of the level. During the game, your character would change into different forms and you would need to keep up. Some characters run upside down and some might come with additional boosters and special powers like double jumps and air tricks. Some levels also contain portals that can be travelled through instantly, or players can change the speed and size of the character. To help you understand the game better, it also comes with a practice mode wherein you can save your progress as you go along.

Controls: 5

Geometry Dash comes with a total of 20 levels that are packed with high level action and require the most skills to complete. After a number of failed attempts, users are able to figure out each track and move forward. However, the controls are simplified and straightforward and include just a simple tap. Each tap must be timed perfectly in order to get your jump over each obstacle successfully. The distance between two obstacles does not change hence players must get into perfect motion and time their jumps.

Replay Value: 4.5

Thanks to its complex game play, Geometry Dash is unlike any other game that can be completed quickly. With a number of failed attempts of dying and starting all over again, most people would not prefer playing the game if they are unable to get it right. However, those players who are patient and good at perfect rhythm and timing might find this as a great challenge and would keep themselves busy for hours. The creator of this game also included a fun feature which consists of making your own level. In this players are able to create their own track and also play on other user-bases tracks created by other players. Therefore if you like the game, you can rest assured you won’t be bored.


Loaded with amazing visuals and excellent graphics and effects, Geometry Dash is a stimulating game that offers high level, challenging game play. With the right amount of patience and skills, you can learn each level and overcome all obstacles to complete them. This can also be done by utilizing the special practice level which allows you to learn and train before attempting the real game. Get your timing right and jump to the end with ease.


  • In built training mode
  • High level effects and graphics
  • In built level editor


  • Difficulty level
  • Monotonous soundtrack

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