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Granny is a first person shooter game where you play as “Granny,” an old woman who is tired of the government telling her what to do. She takes her weapons and sets out on a killing spree to take revenge for the world’s old people. Granny is a game for mature audiences.

Granny is a game of arcade games, a kind of video game in which the player controls the character by making input and the player’s character can be moved up and down, left and right. The player must have a sense of reflexes and precision to succeed in these games.


The graphics in the game are strictly 3D and the game is rendered in black and white. The only color in the game is red, which is what the blood of Granny’s victims is colored. The game has a cartoony style, which is appropriate for the audience that it is intended for.

The graphics in Granny are quite simple, Granny is a 2D game and the graphics are made of pixels, although there is a 3D mode that is not usable in this game. The graphics are not very detailed, but they are not simplistic, the game can be recognized at first sight.


The gameplay in Granny is rather simple- you simply use the arrow keys to move around and use the space bar to shoot. You can also double-tap on the space bar to do a dash attack. There are two different weapons that you can use in the game, each with their own pros and cons.

The gameplay in Granny is a mix of arcade games and puzzles. There are many objects that need to be collected in order to solve puzzles, that are not always visible. The player has to be creative and explore the world to find clues.


The controls in Granny are very simple, and it is easy to pick up how to play the game even if you have never played a shooter before.

The controls in Granny are simple, the player can use the arrow keys to move the character in the four cardinal directions. The player can use the Enter key to interact with objects and the spacebar to jump.


The replayability in Granny is fairly high, although it can become repetitive after a while. The game is relatively short, so you can play it in one sitting. The replayability in Granny is quite high, it is a game that needs to be completed fully to be understood. The gameplay is not so linear, the player is given a lot of freedom. The player can restart the game as many times as they want and explore the game until they solve all the puzzles.


  • There is no violence in the game
  • The gameplay is simple and easy to pick up
  • It is a very short game
  • The graphics are good and the colors are not too bright


  • There is no replay value in the game
  • The controls are not great and the player may miss the cursor and not know what to do

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