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Write a review of the Hello Neighbor game. The review must describe Hello Neighbor video game from different angles described in its own paragraphs: graphics, gameplay, controls, replayability. The review of Hello Neighbor game must be structured in six paragraphs with title in the beginning: Introduction, Graphics, Gameplay, Controls, Replayability, Conclusion. Each paragraph must be from 250 to 300 words long.

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game. The player plays as a man who is trying to figure out what is going on in his neighbor's house.

Hello Neighbor is a horror game that was first released for PC on August 23, 2017. Hello Neighbor is a stealth game, with the player trying to sneak past their creepy, strange neighbor that they have never seen before. Hello Neighbor is set in a small suburban neighborhood. The player starts in their house and must make their way past the neighbor's house to escape. As the player passes from one room to the next, the neighbor investigates and makes noise, causing the player to panic and hide. The game is often described as "the most terrifying game of 2017".


The graphics are in a cartoon-like style with big, round, and expressive character models. The graphics for Hello Neighbor are simple and cartoonish. They are not too detailed but they are pleasing to the eye. There is a lot of white space and the colors are not too overwhelming. 


The gameplay is very much a stealth game. The player goes through different rooms in the house looking for clues as to what is going on. The player has to avoid the neighbor, who is trying to catch him. The player can also take items from the house to use against the neighbor.

The player takes on the role of a child who is trying to sneak past the house of their next door neighbor. The player is trying to get to the other side of the neighbor's house to escape. 


The controls for Hello Neighbor are simple. The player can use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to jump. The player can use the keyboard, mouse, or gamepad to control the character.


The game is quite replayable, since it has a different layout each time the player plays it.


  • It is a fun and interactive game that can be played in a variety of settings
  • It is a game that is very suspenseful and can be played with two or more people
  • The game is very challenging and allows the player to be creative


  • It's too creepy
  • It's too short

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