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Hello Neighbor 2 is the sequel to the popular horror/stealth game. This time, you must infiltrate a suburban home and try to find out why the Neighbor has kidnapped your son. The Neighbor is a mysterious figure who is hiding something in his house. You have no idea what is happening to your son and the Neighbor wants you to find out.


The first thing you notice when you start the game is the graphics are a lot better than the first game. The environments have a lot more detail, and the graphics are more realistic. There are also a lot of different environments that you can explore.

The graphics are not that bad, but it’s not like you have to be wearing a VR headset to play the game. The graphics are not that good, but it’s not like you have to be wearing a VR headset to play the game.


The gameplay is different from the first game. You can still sneak around at night, but this time you have to do it during the day. You are a normal person who doesn't know how to fight. You can find weapons and items to use to defend yourself. You can also find tools and items to help you get into the house.

The gameplay is not that bad because there are a lot of puzzles and the player has to sneak their way past the neighbor and his traps.


The controls were a little weird in the first game, so the controls in the sequel are much better. You can move around the environment and interact with objects by pressing a button. You can also sneak around the house and hide from the Neighbor if you are seen. You must also make sure to stay out of sight from the Neighbor's dogs. The controls are very easy to use.


There are different ways to play the game. You can play the game as a stealthy, non-violent person, or you can be a fighter. You can also replay the game to explore different areas and find hidden items. You can also replay the game to try to get different endings. The game is very replayable because there are a lot of different ways to solve puzzles.


  • Allows for more content
  • More game time
  • More replayability
  • Improved graphics
  • -Faster loading


  • Makes you feel jumpy
  • Difficult to solve puzzles
  • Makes you feel like you are always being watched

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